Europium World is a global innovations company based in UK

Our Mission Statement:

To source the Globe for innovative products and to bring these to market in a manner that puts them at the forefront of the market sector. We believe our Customers are our most important asset, ensuring their satisfaction is what allows us to thrive.

Company Profile

Europium World was started in 2001 by two brothers with huge ambition. Today, each of them is responsible for heading their own enterprise within the Global Brand of Europium World as part of their expansion and growth plans.

Our attractive, exclusive designs, excellent service and competitive prices ensure that our customers are proud to purchase our products.
We have successfully built up a worldwide growing network of Customers & Distributors who are all proud to represent our products.
Europium World has since established itself as market leaders in certain sectors. We have set the trend for many products by ensuring that our products are exclusive and of extremely high quality.

Our product range is the best available due to the creativity and vast working knowledge of our R&D department and the high quality work ethics of our carefully chosen and valued Global suppliers.

The Future

We shall continue to create products with better design, efficiency, performance, whilst doing whatever we can to respect and protect our Planet.

Thank you in advance for your interest and your business.